Organic Carpet Cleaning

Organic Carpet Cleaning

We are living in a changing world. No, we are not talking about global warming. We are not talking about urbanisation and all of the things that it entails. We are talking about the bobo, the hippy, the new age cultural spaces that sell you knitted yoghurt and the different kinds of juices that people have found in new algae on the coastlines of Peru. You get the idea. We are making a grandiose point here but you get the picture. Organic is the new normal and we need to make sure that we are catering for the customers who need a special service for special material.

It Depends

So, the first thing we need to say here is that we are a responsive company rather than a directive company. Each time we have a job at hand, we will make sure that we fully understand the job and we have all the right tools at our disposal to get it done. For example, you clearly shouldn’t use hard detergent in the same way on merino as you would with synthetic fibre. It would ruin the fabric. So, the first thing we do is to make sure that we organize a free inspection before hand or at least, we get all of the information we need to prepare properly.

Organic Cleaners

But it is not just the organic materials that we are talking about here. It is the kind of response we make. We draw our natural ingredients straight from Mother Nature in this context. We make sure that we are not subjecting your beautiful carpet to the harshness of unnatural chemicals. We find that our customers are very eager to accept this kind of service, wherever they are and whoever they are. So, get in touch today to make sure that this happens! We are ready for you!

Not All Contractors

The main difference between us and between other contractors is that we centralize our focus due to the job that is right in front of us. If you need a softer job, a more subtle job, then we are the ones who will be able to give it to you. You will not get this from all contractors. Others are likely to give you the work that is the most expedient and the most cost-effective. That is not our perspective. We leave our customers with a smile, not just at the end of the day, but for weeks afterwards when they realize we have done a stirling job from start to finish.

No Returns!

We will not keep going back to the office to get more supplies. No, sir! When we do a job, we make sure that we have got all bases covered and all materials in the back of the van. This helps absolutely everyone involved and gives us the chance to do the work you deserve. So, give us a ring or send us an email and we would be happy to arrange something.

Organic Carpet Cleaning