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Welcome to Pro Carpet Cleaning of Orlando. Here, our only mission is to make it as easy as possible for you to get clean carpets. That shouldn’t be too much to ask, right? We don’t think so! Therefore we have created this website here to give you the best possible chance of making sure that you get the service you deserve.
Pro Carpet Cleaning of Orlando

About Us

We are all about two things: our team and our ethos. It is very important to us that we are engaging with our clients on a personal, effective basis and therefore we value to customer relations that we have with the Orlando community that we are living in.

Orlando Carpet Cleaning

Our Services

​The services that we have in place have been split into six different service pages here. This is for ease and smoothness. If you already know what you want, just head over to the relevant service page. If you have don’t know what you want right now but you know you will be after a service at some point in the future, then feel free to have a general browse and let us know if you have any questions. If you have a service not included on these pages, then just get in touch.

Carpet Cleaning

​Carpet Cleaning

Everyone’s carpet needs a good cleaning every now and then. Because of this, we are in a great position to help because we understand the demand. Therefore, if you own a carpet, you are eligible for this great service. It is something that we treat with a lot of passion and pride. We will be there for you when you need us to be but you need to know we are there to make sure you order this service. Therefore, get in touch today and have a read through this service page in order to make sure that you understand everything that it contains.

area rug cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning

Area rugs different to carpets? Find out here on this service page! Area rug cleaning might seem like a DIY job but we assure you that it is a good idea to contact the professionals. We can do it in half of the time and with double the effectiveness. We want to explain to you why it is simply not worth doing yourself when you have a contractor like us nearby. It is a pleasure to be able to help the local community in this way and we appreciate the position we are in.

"We weren’t sure about carpet cleaner prices or what to expect from professional carpet cleaning in Orlando. This company are the ones to go for. They are cheap and easy. Get in touch with them today!” - Oscar Steamerson

Commercial Carpet Cleaning
As a business ourselves, we understand that it is sometimes a bit nerve racking to hire outside contractors. They take time, they don’t understand the ways and means of your company and they can sometimes be more trouble than they are worth. However, it is important that you know that we understand this. We will make every effort to get to know you as a company and to make sure that our job is a help rather than a hindrance. It is our pleasure to be of service to you! Get in touch today in order to take that step to find out more about what we can do for you.
A cute grey cat laying on the carpet

Everyone loves pets. However, as pet owners will know, they do require a certain amount of maintenance. Unfortunately, this just cannot be avoided. It is a sad fact of being a pet owner and sometimes it can feel like a lot of work. They are animals, just like we are and they leave a trace. It is hard to identify this or to remove it unless you have a helping hand from a professional. We want to be the contractor you turn to in times like this, have a read of what we can offer you today and then get in touch with us as soon as you want to!

“So far we have had carpet steam cleaning and organic carpet cleaning. The best carpet reviews pointed to this lot and therefore, we went for it. Best decision ever. They are quick, unpretentious and simple! Worth the money!” - Jackie Rug

Some wooden tables and chairs
Upholstery is the catch all term that we use for all things furniture. However, we aren’t talking about wooden tables and chairs, we are talking about things that can gather dust and bad smells, that need a little clean every now and then. Because of that, we are proud to present this service to you, the one that will take even the most old and battered furniture and turn it into a much better alternative. If you want to make sure that you are living in nice surroundings, get in touch with us today, you won’t be disappointed.
Organic Carpet Cleaning
It seems like everything is organic nowadays. Whilst that could never be true, we are geared up for it as a company. Why? Because organic materials take a little bit more time and effort to clean than synthetic ones. They also require different types of approach. Therefore, whenever you need an organic carpet cleaned, be sure to call the professionals who know exactly how to help! It will be a very good idea, one that you have no chance of regretting!

“Pro Carpet Cleaning of Orlando has been the best contractor we’ve discovered in a while. Orlando carpet cleaning and carpet cleaner Orlando both fell by the wayside. The votes are in - it is clear: these guys are the best carpet cleaners. Orlando is in safe hands!” - John Carp Etster

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​So, with all of that being said, the most important thing for you to do is to get in touch! We love hearing from old customers and new customers alike, as well as from ongoing customers who have questions or concerns about the project we are doing for them.